Friday, October 1, 2010

On the way to the border!

Almost there, It's all sewn and waiting on the borders!! WOOHOO!! Isn't it Lovely! I've already discussed with my quilter the designs and Im Over The Moon excited about this! It will have flowers and vines and miandering and More flowers and GORGEOUS!! Ok well Ill be off to work on these borders today and hopefully get this baby out to the quilter next week :) Wish me Luck!

Also you may be asking yourself.. "Whats taking so long?" How long does it take to sew up some seams and borders?... Well... between kids, home, husband, school and sewing... well in the middle of sewing, I was looking around at my sewing room and decided to clean it up some. Not messy but just fabrics laying around that needed to be put up.... well that turned into a complete furniture moving! That meant removing all fabric, notions and such to another room, Then moving all my bookshelves/fabric storage, sewing and storage tables around, cleaning then returning them all to there new homes :) Ill add pictures later of what it looks like complete since I was so busy doing that, then back to sewing lol... I forgot to get pictures, but I promise Ill post some later today, hopefully with some border added to the quilt! Have a dog grooming class to go sign up for today too, so Ill see you back here later today. Have a Wonderful Friday and Exceptional Weekend!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

One more row then BORDERS!

Just one more row to add to this and Ill be on to the borders! WooHoo! It's coming along so well and I love the colors but I have a problem... My 5 yr old daughter LOVES pink! and the next quilt will have more red and blue than anything, so Im thinking of red sashing and and blue/black blocks and Black and Blue borders but she says she wants this one :( and I think I already have my sister excited over this one so there in lies my problem ... Should I just make my daughter the red one and let her get over it, after all she already has a Pink quilt that I made her, or ask my sister to choose between the two when finished and hope she picks the red and if not, she is th BAD GUY lol... sounds so sinister but I'm at a cross roads with this for now! Wish me luck and if you have a suggestion PLEASE post and let me know! Thanks!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Method to my Madness

There is a method to my madness ( I like to believe) and with this project it begins with me cutting up my 2 1/2" Moda jelly rolls into squares and I do this by laying them out as they are folded, cutting off the selvage and then using my shape cut plus to cut it every 2 1/2". Saves alot of time! I also use it to cut my fabric yardage into 2 1/2" strips then I go back across them and cut them at 12 1/2" for my border pieces of the blocks.
I also took a picture of my blocks on my design wall then copied those onto photo paper, cut them apart into the individual squares and then placed a dab of double sided repositionable tape on the back of each one and then grapped a piece of cardstock in a similar color as my border fabric and started arranging them on the paper to get an idea of placement. When I have them were I want them, I use it as reference as I sew them together.