Sunday, September 26, 2010

Method to my Madness

There is a method to my madness ( I like to believe) and with this project it begins with me cutting up my 2 1/2" Moda jelly rolls into squares and I do this by laying them out as they are folded, cutting off the selvage and then using my shape cut plus to cut it every 2 1/2". Saves alot of time! I also use it to cut my fabric yardage into 2 1/2" strips then I go back across them and cut them at 12 1/2" for my border pieces of the blocks.
I also took a picture of my blocks on my design wall then copied those onto photo paper, cut them apart into the individual squares and then placed a dab of double sided repositionable tape on the back of each one and then grapped a piece of cardstock in a similar color as my border fabric and started arranging them on the paper to get an idea of placement. When I have them were I want them, I use it as reference as I sew them together.


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