Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Little Ladies Quilt

Ok so here is the quilt I told you about in the introduction. All of the little ladies were drafted, cut and appliqued by my mother. So in order to make the 3 quilts using the 30 lady blocks, I'm adding some dresden plates to it using some of her scraps along with a few of mine.

Here is the plate Im working on today. Well I made it up yesterday but will just be sewing it down onto the white background block today using clear thread.

And here is a picture of some other plates and the pile of ladies I have for the other quilts.

This is the Singer 401A that my mother used to make this ladies, it also belonged to my grandmother before her and now is mine. I will be taking it in to have it cleaned up and fixed up, but it still sews a very nice line as you can see in the picture, but it is a little stiff going so it needs to be cleaned and lubed and I think it will be a fun machine to use.

I also wanted to throw in a couple of pictures of the sweet life. Our little simese kitten resting in his favorite spot along with my fabric stash.

The Oklahoma Sunrise and later that day a Rainbow in the distance. Its moments like this that I really miss my mom.

Introduction to my blog

I'm beginning this blog as a tribute to my love of quilting and to my Dear Mother who I just lost 6/6/2010. She is the one who has always supported me in all my creative indeavors and when I started quilting the one I could turn to with all my questions. It is from her that I have had the courage to allow my creativity to flourish.

She has left me her sewing machine which was also her mother's (my grandmother) and a trunk full of scraps and some finished hand pieced and embroidered quilt blocks of little ladies that she was working on before she got to sick. It was a quilt that was to be for my niece who is 13. There are 31 squares all together so I have decided to split them up into sets of 10 and make 3 quilts from them. One for my niece who was the intended reciepiant but also 1 for her younger sister who is almost 1 yr old and another for my daughter who is 5.

In order to make the quilts large enough and to incorporate the love combined in the quilt from my mother and myself I too am making some blocks, incorporating some of the scrap fabrics she was using in the little ladies dresses into my dresden plate blocks. I will be sharing the process from this point on with you and sharing my Love for my Mother through this. I hope I may inspire someone to share their stories/ memories through quilting and I look forward to getting to know all of you through you comments and blogs as well.

If you are fortunate to still have your Mother, Please take a moment to call them and tell them that you love them, If they are close enough RUN don't walk to them and hold them and tell them what they mean to you because it will be those moments that you will cherish throughout the rest of your life.