Tuesday, September 28, 2010

One more row then BORDERS!

Just one more row to add to this and Ill be on to the borders! WooHoo! It's coming along so well and I love the colors but I have a problem... My 5 yr old daughter LOVES pink! and the next quilt will have more red and blue than anything, so Im thinking of red sashing and and blue/black blocks and Black and Blue borders but she says she wants this one :( and I think I already have my sister excited over this one so there in lies my problem ... Should I just make my daughter the red one and let her get over it, after all she already has a Pink quilt that I made her, or ask my sister to choose between the two when finished and hope she picks the red and if not, she is th BAD GUY lol... sounds so sinister but I'm at a cross roads with this for now! Wish me luck and if you have a suggestion PLEASE post and let me know! Thanks!


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