Friday, October 29, 2010


  Do you have them? We quilter's always seem to have them in lying around in drawers, bags, closets... you name it, if we can hide it there, there are some UFO's in there. What is a UFO you ask? No not the space ships that come to visit earth and bring us friends that like to eat our reese's pieces but the UnFinished Objects that we have started and put aside for another day, to which the day never seems to come.

  Well I'm going to try to start using up some of these. So to start it off, I have taken four string pieced squares I made some time ago along with two pieces I made for backs to the pillows I created the other day that I messed up cutting on because of distractions in my sewing room, and I miscalculated were to place my ruler. They were sewn up and looked to pretty to scrap, only a inch too short for what I had intended them for, so I just needed to make a smaller pillow to fit them to. So here they are! Now my stash is down by 4 blocks and 2 backs :) I know, I know, not much of a start... but hey, a start is a start! Right?


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