Sunday, October 3, 2010

No borders, but gifts I did make!

Well besides the daily in's and out's of being a mom of 5 kids, which takes up most of my weekend time for sewing, I found out Friday afternoon that my kids school bus driver is moving this week. Her last day for driving the bus was Friday, she will be at school this week and then will leave next weekend. So I couldn't let her leave without showing her how much she is appreciated for the care she has given to my kids throughout the years. I made her these personalized towels with her last initial, and a little drawstring bag filled with CHOCOLATES, Cookies, wrapped up and topped off with some tulle and my kids created some art tags that they signed and strung to the front of the bag. I also added a little thank you note. So I did get some sewing done, just not any quilting.

And as promised here are some pictures of my sewing studio. The two bookshelves with curtains hide my stash of fabric, besides what I have in the closet's in several rooms :) This room is still a work in progress, I still need to paint (Im thinking yellow! and decorating with robin egg blues, lime greens,  soft purples and pinks!), put up new trimming and window frames, new hard wood flooring, I dont like carpet in here, I think hardwood would be so much easier to sweep up.

And a couple pictures of my seal point siamese kitty that LOVES to take bathes. Everytime we turn the water on in the bath or shower he comes running and jumps right in!


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  1. How thoughtful to give a present to a school bus driver who was leaving...!